Wolfram J S, Austria

February 23rd, 2017 in Testimonials

I purchased a Steyr Factory 3x optic for my Styr AUG A3 in the US. Unfortunately the freight forwarder I had it sent to let me know that an export license was required to export even non-essential firearm parts and accessories – which they did not have.
Luckily I found Firearms Export INC. Mr. Robert Bagnato was very professional, helpful and forthcoming throughout the entire process of acquiring an export permit for my optic. Rob’s service was excellent and I can highly recommend him as first choice exporter of firearms and firearm parts.
I don’t know what I would have done without Firearms Export INC. My Optic would probably still sit at my freight forwarder’s warehouse.
Rob got things settled very fast – even faster than I expected. I cheerfully picked up my new optic from post office half an hour ago. He also packed it very safely and everything was in perfect order. The Firearms Export INC business card I found in the parcel looks pretty neat and is in my wallet now btw.

Can’t wait to mount my new optic onto my rifle and take it out to the shooting range to have some fun.

Have my thanks for your great service, Rob.

We will surely do business again.

Dominique Folcher, New Calédonia

March 14th, 2016 in Testimonials

I wanted to purchase a jp rifle and it is not simple to import a rifle without the help off an firearm exporter, so I choose Rob.

I recommend Rob for those who want to buy firearm in USA, effectively Rob is very professional and prompt to reply to any question
So I highly recommend Rob for those who want to purchase firearm anywhere in authorized country in the world
The next time I will choose Rob again

Thank you

G.Yadmaa, Mongolia

February 19th, 2016 in Testimonials

Working with such a reliable company has been a fantastic experience. Despite the complicated process, weexportguns.com provides a great support services and makes the whole process a breeze.

It goes without saying that not only myself but those around me will definitely use their services in the future.

G.Yadmaa from Ulaanbaatar

Davaajav Chanrav, Mongolia

January 29th, 2016 in Testimonials

I wanted to purchase a Remington rifle and approached several gun exporters, who claim themselves fast and reliable, through emails. However, many of them did not bother to respond. Only two did. Fortunately, one was Mr. Robert Bagnato with Firearms Export. Right from the beginning, he was professional and his responses were precise. I asked many questions and wanted regular updates. Despite 13 hour time difference, he replied within hours, and we exchanged over 50 emails.

Regarding required documents I submitted to (except an import permit), all I did was signed and sent back what he sent to me. It was that simple. I received my rifle in the exact time frame he promised. I am really satisfied with his services and would give him “5 star rating”. I definitely recommend his services for those who wish to buy firearms from the USA.

Davaajav, Chanrav

Eugene van Lokven, Canada

January 8th, 2016 in Testimonials

I like to confirm all the previous reviews that Rob is very professional and that weexportguns.com is a trustworthy company to deal with when it comes to exporting. Every question about the exporting procedure was explained in detail and answered quickly.

I bought two rifle barrels from Rob and I couldn’t wish for a more smoother purchase, from applying for export permits to shipping and receiving my barrels in Canada.
Highly recommend to go with weexportguns.


Chris R. F., Geneva – Switzerland

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

I searched for 2 years in Switzerland a Colt Cobra 2 inch nickeled version for my collection, in vain. I decided to import it from the USA because there were very nice pieces, but I knew nothing about the import. I found a list of exporters in Gunbrokers website and asked to each one the price and delay. The first one who replied is Mr. Rob Bagnato of Export firearms. I visited his site (not totally finished) but including the majority of required information.

After that, I received emails from other exporters. I removed several who seems very unprofessional and kept 4 in order to compare their quotes and export delays. I immediately saw that the proposal of Mr. Bagnato was extremely competitive, very professional and deadlines mentioned not exceeding 8 weeks (including the export permit application to the State Department). Other exporters mentioned very long deadlines or not very accurate with high price and as I know that some of my Swiss friends waited up to 11 months to receive their firearm from the USA, so I chose (as a test) to work with Mr. Bagnato. And my choice proved to be very judicious: All promises have been kept and even better, he put me informed about every step of the proceedings. I ordered and paid my nice Colt Cobra on January 15th, 2014 to a seller in the U.S. who sent it to Mr. Bagnato. In less than 4 weeks, (February 14th, 2014), I went to get my revolver at the airport of Geneva. Everything went quietly and without any problems.

I sincerely recommend Mr. Bagnato as a great exporter, serious, competent and competitive to all my Swiss fellow or other collectors and target shooter worldwide (privates or professionals) wishing to import firearms from the U.S. and seek a serious company.

With a great thank you and best regards to Rob from Chris, Switzerland

Spiros Koukovinis, Greece

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

“weexportguns.com” provides excellent services. They prompt reply to any question, they are very helpful and they really know all details regarding exporting guns outside US. They are highly recommended to anyone who wants to export guns outside US.
Spiros Koukovinis

Peter McKeever, Australia

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

I am a private collector of antique rifles mainly Americana history mid 19th century. I have had difficulty shipping antique pieces from the Unites States to Australia previously. United States Post would not ship a rifle based on the length exceeding 40″ according to their regulations and UPS, DHL and FedEx refuse to ship abroad whether antique or not. United States Customs also requires filling of documents prior to export and some sellers are not able to provide that service.

After surfing the net I located ‘Firearms Export.’ Their services were superb I experienced no issue in the shipment of two antique rifles from the United States to Australia. For this to take place the shipper must comply with US Federal laws and being the importer I must also provide an ‘Import permit’ showing it is legal for me to possess and import the antique into Australia. If all legal paperwork is provided by the exporter and the importer there will be no issues.

To overcome any import issues and to keep peace of mind a United States licensed exporter is the way to go and I recommend Rob Bagnato, Firearms Export, Mesa, Arizona, his service on both occasions were superb. Whether it is an antique or current era firearm you are in the market for they can help.
Peter McKeever

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