Peter McKeever, Australia

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

I am a private collector of antique rifles mainly Americana history mid 19th century. I have had difficulty shipping antique pieces from the Unites States to Australia previously. United States Post would not ship a rifle based on the length exceeding 40″ according to their regulations and UPS, DHL and FedEx refuse to ship abroad whether antique or not. United States Customs also requires filling of documents prior to export and some sellers are not able to provide that service.

After surfing the net I located ‘Firearms Export.’ Their services were superb I experienced no issue in the shipment of two antique rifles from the United States to Australia. For this to take place the shipper must comply with US Federal laws and being the importer I must also provide an ‘Import permit’ showing it is legal for me to possess and import the antique into Australia. If all legal paperwork is provided by the exporter and the importer there will be no issues.

To overcome any import issues and to keep peace of mind a United States licensed exporter is the way to go and I recommend Rob Bagnato, Firearms Export, Mesa, Arizona, his service on both occasions were superb. Whether it is an antique or current era firearm you are in the market for they can help.
Peter McKeever

Frode Østby, Norway

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

Rob at Weexportguns knows really what he is doing. It went really well and fast to get a export license. Rob was very helpful and got things done as fast as possible.
Best regards
Frode Østby

Customer from Republic of Georgia

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

It was great pleasure to be in touch with you and your company. You were always helpful and ready to clearify all things, patient after my many questions :) and professional!
I have already published the post on Georgian forum and several Facebook groups about your company and services. I believe some of the guys has already contacted you and some are planning to use your service.
Thank you a lot

Mongolia city Ulaanbaatar, central Eurasia

January 22nd, 2015 in Testimonials

Rob Bagnato is nice person .service and shipping so fast ,smooth recontact .. I’m so happy my rifle . Weexportfirearms awesome ?? 5-star service .

Peter Frame, New Zealand

December 18th, 2013 in Testimonials

Rob Bagnato from makes exporting of rifles from the USA a straight forward procedure, my first export experience was a simple with Rob’s expertise with clear instructions and regular updates of the process of my order I recomend his services as top rate.

Peter Frame, New Zealand

Danish Jakhura, Malawi

December 16th, 2013 in Testimonials

What can I say…Rob Bagnato has gone and done the impossible by managing to export a firearm to my beautiful, remote country in Africa – Malawi. He had worked tiresome hours to make sure that we managed to achieve our end goal which took ages but we got there in the end. I would not hesitate to recommend this humble, honest, genuine, professional, reliable and trustworthy man to anyone interested in Importing a Firearm from the USA.

Thank you once again Rob and best of luck with all your future endeavours. May God allow us to meet and interact in the future many times over because it was simply a pleasure.

Best regards,

Danish Jakhura

Quirin Schaedle

December 10th, 2013 in Testimonials

Hi, I can only praise the professionalism of Rob in my quest to get the firearm of my choice ordered and shipped down to the Caribbean. I have contacted various other dealers and Rob has been by far the most helpful and reliable. He even went out his way to research the cheapest and quickest option to ship abroad and also helped me tremendously in getting the necessary paperwork arranged. The weapon arrived in a perfect state and one can see he even tested it before sending it to make sure it worked properly. From now on, I would not waste time in contacting any other dealer in the future.

I want to say thank you again very much Rob!

Best Regards,

Quirin Schaedle (Manager & Junior-Owner)

Christian Muller, Switzerland

November 28th, 2013 in Testimonials

I can only praise the professionally and friendly service provided by Firearms Exports and Mr Bagnato: even though exporting one single firearms, Mr Bagnato did not to hesitated to spend time to go through all administrative problems…This involvement toward his clients and their satisfaction need to be noticed. I can only thank again Firearms Export for their efficiency.

With all best regards from Christian Muller

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