Documents and Instructions for Export of Firearms

Import Authorization

An Import Authorization comprised of either an original permit or an original certificate issued by the foreign government authorizing the import of specified items must accompany each application. An Import Authorization normally contains an official signature, government seal, and the validity period of the transaction.

This is not to be confused with a business license issued by the foreign government to firearms dealers or with a government authorization for individuals to own or carry a firearm. This information is to be supplied as a copy of the original document or certified copy of a duly-issued Import Authorization and must be maintained in the applicant’s file. “Certified Copy” means a copy of an original document certified by a competent official bearing the statement “certified copy,” an original signature, seal of the certifier, and date of certification. Import Authorizations may only be used once. The complete authorization must be fulfilled in one-license application.

The information on the Import Authorization should match the information listed on the export application and the purchase order. A written explanation is required for any application that does not include an Import Authorization (e.g., letter from importing government stating the item does not require an Import Authorization; end-user statement stating no Import Authorization is required).

English translations must be provided for foreign language documents. Copies of fax copies of Import Authorizations are unacceptable.

Purchase Order

Written, signed, dated order for the merchandise (preferably on letterhead), which includes quantities, description of items and prices.

End Use Statement

Written statement signed and dated explaining the intended use for the items for example target shooting, competition, hunting if you are a dealer than resale.

Original U.S. form DSP-83

Only required when ordering over 50 firearms or a .50 Caliber Rifle. Please see additional information below:

· If you are the end-user and you do not require the firearm to be transferred to you via a dealer in your home country, you only need to complete item 7. If your local regulations require the firearm to go to a licensed dealer who then transfers the firearm to you, then item number 6 will also have to be completed by the dealer.

· Furthermore, please refrain from completing any field that is not required and also do not make any notes or other marks on the form, as this document is submitted, as an original, to the U.S. Government.

· Once this form is complete and signed by all parties required, it must be sent to us via the postal service. Only ORIGINAL documents may be submitted!


Export Fees

Effective Immediately as of September 25, 2008: We MUST charge a $250 export license fee for every approved U.S. State Department export permit. This is legally required by the U.S. State Department.

This fee is per permit, NOT per item. As many items as you wish may be on one permit application. Please understand that this fee is in ADDITION to all others, and does not remain with us, but is remitted entirely to the U.S. State Department.

$175 Export handling fee per firearm minimum or 10% of the value whichever is greater for example $2000 x 10% = $200 fee

Shipping firearm internationally

FedEx, UPS and DHL will not accept firearms internationally. We try to ship US Mail when possible if your country allows firearms shipments via Mail. The US Mail generally has restrictions to size and weight of the parcel this will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Air Freight: The minimum charge is $430 for air freight (up to 10 kilos to most destinations). These rates do not include insurance that is always an option.

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