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We are licensed by the US State Department to export items from the United State Munitions List (USML) which includes Firearms, components of Firearms, and some Rifle Scopes as well as Optical sights. We are also Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL). Our mission at Firearms Export is to provide fast and reliable export services. Let us become your partners in export of arms and accessories worldwide.

We are able to source firearms from all manufacturers let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know if it is possible to export and make it a reality.
Export licenses can be obtained from the US State Department in as little as a few weeks and sometimes even quicker. No longer do you need to wait months for our competitors to obtain the export license.

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Firearms Export
90 North William Dillard Drive Ste C113
Gilbert, AZ 85233

ph. (602) 490-0011
fax. (866) 384-0343