• Important documents and instructions – quicklinks

    August 5th, 2021 in EXPORT DOCUMENTS

    Please read bellow articles to check what documents will be needed for export. These links or DOWNLOADS section will point you to appropriate documents.


    Bis-711 instructions
    DSP-83 version 2.0
    DSP83 2nd page
    DSP-83 instructions

  • Documents and Instructions for Export of Firearms

    August 4th, 2021 in EXPORT DOCUMENTS

    Import Authorization

    International Import Certificates must be translated into clear, concise English. Expiration dates must be clearly stated and legible. The original import permits in native language must also be supplied.

    - Certified copies are acceptable as well. (Copies of fax copies of Import Authorizations are unacceptable.)

    - "Certified Copy” means a copy of an original document certified by a competent official bearing the statement "certified copy,” an original signature, seal of the certifier, and date of certification. Import Authorizations may only be used once.

    Import permit definition:

    An Import Authorization normally contains an official signature, government seal, and the validity period of the transaction. This is not to be confused with a business license issued by the foreign government to firearms dealers or with a government authorization for individuals to own or carry a firearm. This information is to be supplied as a copy of the original document or certified copy of a duly-issued Import Authorization.

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  • DSP-83 Instructions and DSP-83 Form

    August 3rd, 2021 in EXPORT DOCUMENTS

    The Department of State, United States of America, requires that this completed form (DSP-83) be included as a part of an application for authorization to export Significant Military Equipment (SME) and classified equipment or data (22 CFR §§ 123, 10 (d) and 125.21).  Failure to submit may result in the application being "Returned Without Action" (R W A).  The form (DSP-83) must be completed by the appropriate foreign persons (e.g., consignee, end-user, government) and forwarded to the Department of State through the U.S. person making the application.



    To obtain the export license, Sparton must submit to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE a DSP-83 Form and the Customer’s Purchase Order.  Certain areas (Blocks) of the DSP-83 Form must be completed by you, our customer, prior  to Sparton applying for the export license.

    FAILURE TO PROVIDE THE REQUIRED INFORMATION TO THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE WILL RESULT IN EXTENSIVE DELAYS IN OBTAINING THE EXPORT LICENSE.  This, in turn, may result in the delay of our ability to ship your product in accordance with your requested delivery date.

    As our customer, you must complete the following blocks:

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