Pakistan Shipping

Pakistan requires an OEM letter or Pre-shipment inspection “PSI”. We are no able to get or provide OEM letters. The manufacturers have distributors overseas and prefer orders directly through the EU channels. They will not issue an OEM letter to US Exporters.

We are left with the Pre-Shipment inspection option – Only the following companies in the USA are authorized:

Messrs Lloyds of London
Bureau Veritas

Of the two companies that have offices in the USA. Only Lloyds of London will conduct the PSI on firearms.

We have had (2) PSI’s done by the company and the have fallen under what appears to be the minimum of $1026.00

From the PSI company regarding cost, “in terms of cost, we charge on a time and expense basis, with our hourly rate at $135 and mileage at $0.90 per mile. This includes file opening/preparation, travel to and from inspection site and report writing time. We do have a surveyor in the Prescott Valley area of Arizona (approx. 120 miles one way to Gilbert) so travel to and from survey would constitute the largest portion of time we would anticipate being incurred for this inspection process.”

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