Chris R. F., Geneva – Switzerland

I searched for 2 years in Switzerland a Colt Cobra 2 inch nickeled version for my collection, in vain. I decided to import it from the USA because there were very nice pieces, but I knew nothing about the import. I found a list of exporters in Gunbrokers website and asked to each one the price and delay. The first one who replied is Mr. Rob Bagnato of Export firearms. I visited his site (not totally finished) but including the majority of required information.

After that, I received emails from other exporters. I removed several who seems very unprofessional and kept 4 in order to compare their quotes and export delays. I immediately saw that the proposal of Mr. Bagnato was extremely competitive, very professional and deadlines mentioned not exceeding 8 weeks (including the export permit application to the State Department). Other exporters mentioned very long deadlines or not very accurate with high price and as I know that some of my Swiss friends waited up to 11 months to receive their firearm from the USA, so I chose (as a test) to work with Mr. Bagnato. And my choice proved to be very judicious: All promises have been kept and even better, he put me informed about every step of the proceedings. I ordered and paid my nice Colt Cobra on January 15th, 2014 to a seller in the U.S. who sent it to Mr. Bagnato. In less than 4 weeks, (February 14th, 2014), I went to get my revolver at the airport of Geneva. Everything went quietly and without any problems.

I sincerely recommend Mr. Bagnato as a great exporter, serious, competent and competitive to all my Swiss fellow or other collectors and target shooter worldwide (privates or professionals) wishing to import firearms from the U.S. and seek a serious company.

With a great thank you and best regards to Rob from Chris, Switzerland

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