Customer living in Autralia

As an American living in Australia, I expected a certain level of difficulty and documentation in bringing my grandfather’s pistol from my mother’s safe in Louisiana to my own in Queensland. But I was astounded at how all the difficulties seemed to be on the USA side.
Several gun exporters that I contacted flat out refused. Several others quoted me fees of more than $5000 and one noted that he wouldn’t proceed unless I had a consignment of at least 50 firearms to export. This went on for nearly a year.
Feeling nearly ready to give up on the whole thing, I found Rob’s website on the internet and tried one last time. How I wish I’d contacted him first! Immediate, clear, simple instructions, with all forms provided to me. Very reasonable costs, and no need for a giant shipment. Rob was very responsive, and always wrote back within 24 hours.
I would absolutely recommend Rob’s business to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, honest, fair businessperson to facilitate this kind of transaction. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

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