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Having been established in the firearms trade as a dealer in Australia for a few years, I decided to fill the niche market  for semi auto .308 rifles here that are required by aerial cullers of large pest animals, particularly feral water buffalo.

Luckily for me, Rob Bagnato was one of the first exporters in the US that I came in contact with.

From the very first, Rob proved he had an excellent understanding of the legal requirements involving the export of rifles from the US. While I was going through the learning curve of working out the Australian requirements, Rob ensured that his side went very smoothly, offering assistance and advice where ever he could to facilitate the various imports.

Rob has greatly assisted me in getting established in importing firearms (particularly our Cat D rifles) into Australia. We are now branching out into other types and categories of firearms as well.

Rob goes well beyond the normal requirements of a professional exporter to find the firearms I require at the correct price then ensure all the steps are followed to get those rifles here. It has only been the tardiness of the Australian system that has slowed down the whole operation.

No matter what requests I have made regarding firearms, Rob has been the consummate professional in ensuring that I am happy with the transaction.

From my experiences with Rob Bagnato, I am looking forward to many more profitable business deals in future.

If anyone in Australia would like a spoken reference or an elaboration on my description above, please feel free to contact me.

Ross Barlow

Marma Lake Firearms Pty Ltd
62 McClintock Street
Murtoa 3390

Mobile: 0427852510
FDL 528-931-80F

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