Peter McKeever, Australia

I am a private collector of antique rifles mainly Americana history mid 19th century. I have had difficulty shipping antique pieces from the Unites States to Australia previously. United States Post would not ship a rifle based on the length exceeding 40″ according to their regulations and UPS, DHL and FedEx refuse to ship abroad whether antique or not. United States Customs also requires filling of documents prior to export and some sellers are not able to provide that service.

After surfing the net I located ‘Firearms Export.’ Their services were superb I experienced no issue in the shipment of two antique rifles from the United States to Australia. For this to take place the shipper must comply with US Federal laws and being the importer I must also provide an ‘Import permit’ showing it is legal for me to possess and import the antique into Australia. If all legal paperwork is provided by the exporter and the importer there will be no issues.

To overcome any import issues and to keep peace of mind a United States licensed exporter is the way to go and I recommend Rob Bagnato, Firearms Export, Mesa, Arizona, his service on both occasions were superb. Whether it is an antique or current era firearm you are in the market for they can help.
Peter McKeever

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