Wolfram J S, Austria

I purchased a Steyr Factory 3x optic for my Styr AUG A3 in the US. Unfortunately the freight forwarder I had it sent to let me know that an export license was required to export even non-essential firearm parts and accessories – which they did not have.
Luckily I found Firearms Export INC. Mr. Robert Bagnato was very professional, helpful and forthcoming throughout the entire process of acquiring an export permit for my optic. Rob’s service was excellent and I can highly recommend him as first choice exporter of firearms and firearm parts.
I don’t know what I would have done without Firearms Export INC. My Optic would probably still sit at my freight forwarder’s warehouse.
Rob got things settled very fast – even faster than I expected. I cheerfully picked up my new optic from post office half an hour ago. He also packed it very safely and everything was in perfect order. The Firearms Export INC business card I found in the parcel looks pretty neat and is in my wallet now btw.

Can’t wait to mount my new optic onto my rifle and take it out to the shooting range to have some fun.

Have my thanks for your great service, Rob.

We will surely do business again.

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